Module epic_wallet::built_info[][src]


The built-time in RFC2822, UTC

The endianness, given by cfg!(target_endian).

The toolchain-environment, given by cfg!(target_env).

The OS-family, given by cfg!(target_family).

The operating system, given by cfg!(target_os).

The pointer width, given by cfg!(target_pointer_width).

The target architecture, given by cfg!(target_arch).

The Continuous Integration platform detected during compilation.

Value of DEBUG for the profile used during compilation.

An array of effective dependencies as documented by Cargo.lock.

The effective dependencies as a comma-separated string.

The features that were enabled during compilation.

The features as a comma-separated string.

If the crate was compiled from within a git-repository, GIT_VERSION contains HEAD’s tag. The short commit id is used if HEAD is not tagged.

The host triple of the rust compiler.

The parallelism that was specified during compilation.

Value of OPT_LEVEL for the profile used during compilation.

A colon-separated list of authors.

The description.

The homepage.

The name of the package.

The full version.

The major version.

The minor version.

The patch version.

The pre-release version.

release for release builds, debug for other builds.

The compiler that cargo resolved to use.

The output of rustc -V

The documentation generator that cargo resolved to use.

The output of rustdoc -V

The target triple that was being compiled for.